California Maternity Leave 2017

California Maternity Leave 2017 – If you are the pregnant California employee then you have great chances to take Paid Maternity Leave in California under the short-term disability laws.

Paid Maternity Leave gives a great opportunity to the pregnant employee while they are unable to work.

The employees who qualify for PFL they can receive ultimate benefits, first of all, the pregnant employee receive wages at a reduced level.  At the same time, that employee also receives up to fifty-five percentages of their average weekly income in the pregnancy period.

In general, the California employers are preferred to participate state’s disability insurance. With this, the employee can receive benefit payments SDI & PFL.

California Maternity Leave 2017

 About Paid Maternity Leave California 2017

California Maternity Leave 2017California’s pregnancy leave laws make huge impacts and it is the best choices for the pregnant employee in the nation. In addition, California also enacted California Family Rights Act that suitable to California workers. In general, California law takes further actions to provide disability benefits for the pregnant employees.

The paid parental leave benefits are highly utilized by the employee who unable to work due to pregnancy.  This facility is available under the pregnancy leave law and this law gives great opportunities as well as rights to the employee to receive unique benefits during pregnancy.

During the period employer needs to provide health care benefit to the respective employee. This law also allows the employee to take up to 4 months off., as well as it considers all the pregnancy-related concerns this also includes physician ordered bed rest, severe morning sickness, childbirth, prenatal care as well as recovery from childbirth.

Eligibility for Maternity Leave California

A). The employee who works at Companies with at least fifty employees, both the government and private employees are covered under Paid Maternity Leave.

B). If you are working in a small business with less number of employees then you will not able to get this leave.

C).In order to take leave, you must have worked at your company at least for one year and 1,250 hours

D). An employee with the serious health issue and it will be applicable when the employee’s child, spouse, or parent has the serious health issue.

E). People with chronic health condition

F). Pregnancy as well as post-birth or natal medical condition,

G). People with severe morning sickness

H). Medically prescribed bed rest

How Long is Maternity Leave in California 2017?

A pregnant employee has possibilities to take Paid Maternity Leave for 12 workweeks in a 12-month period.

How to Apply for Maternity Leave in CA – California

1).  In order to take the Paid Maternity Leave in California, they need to provide respective notice of the need for leave to the employer      because you already know the date of medical treatment or surgery

2).  You need to tell your condition to your employer at least days in advance.

3). The employer takes fifteen days to give certification after submission of the request letter.

4). To take Paid Maternity Leave employee must follow the procedure, first of all, an employee needs to meet eligibility requirements then you will be allowed to take Paid Maternity Leave.

Under the state law, an employer needs to approve this leave.

Certain types of employees have various rules for Maternity Leave, the rules can be applies for the pregnant employee. In order to take the Maternity Leave, an employee needs to know about the law.


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