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Assembly Clears Bill to Protect Jobs of New Parents in California

On Tuesday, a revised legislation was passed in the Assembly, which allowed the new parents in California to take an unpaid leave from their job. There would also not be any risk of losing the job during this leave. Revival of the bill after Roger Hernandez’s removal The vote ofRead More

Paid maternity leave in Tennessee 2017

Maternity is that 9 month long period which each and every woman waits to experience at least once in life. Mothers can very rightly be called as engineers of life as they are the ones who actually helped us to become what we all are today. So how do youRead More

Does 18 Month Maternity Leave Going to Become Reality?

When the federal government provides its 2017 Spending plan on March 22, companies will be paying attention to hear more about the proposed modifications to maternity leave. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal federal government stated it would present more versatile maternity advantages, which would permit working moms and dads toRead More

Maternity Leave Canada 18 Months 2017

Maternity Leave Canada 18 months 2017 – Credit goes to Canadians Prime Minster Justin Trudeau, Made Promised while a campaign to Increased The Maternity Leave from 12 Month to 18 months in Canada. Many Parents believed in Justin Trudeau’s Promise & voted for him, are now planning for their leaves.Read More

Want Paid Maternity Leave ? Avoid These 12 States in USA

In the United States of America, more than 23 percent of newly turned mothers return to their offices within two weeks of their delivery not simply because they want to do that but in the US you will not find any comprehensive policy for paid family leaves. Rather, family lavesRead More

Mothers who lost their newborns in day care start petition of longer parental leave

Amber Scorah, who lost her newly born baby in day care, wishes to hear more on parental leave from Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. Heartbreaking Story of Scorah and Dodd Last year, Scorah took a maternity leave of three months after birth of her son. Despite the leave policy ofRead More

Paid Leave Massachusetts 2017 Includes Maternit

The Senate is anticipated Saturday to discuss and authorize a bill that would make Massachusetts one of the few states to require companies to offer paid time off to care for a newborn kid or ill family member. The House isn’t expected to take up the legislation prior to legislatorsRead More

Maternity Leave in C-Section – How to Get it

Who doesn’t want to enjoy the blissful time with the newborn baby. Maternity leave policies are exactly meant for the same, but depending on your location and how the baby comes, your number of leave days are influenced. Does this mean you are entitled to expand your leave in caseRead More

Paid Maternity Leave In New York 2017

The individuals who are in pregnant stage looking for the maternity leave in New York region. The pregnant stage is one of the critical situations for the employee and they need some rest until the new baby birth. In the worldwide countries allocated the maternity leave for those need toRead More

Rejoice Ericsson Employee, Paid Leave Increased for Maternity & Paternity

The whole concept of parental leave has acquired a huge popularity in several sectors of industries today. Not much importance was given to the paid parental leave policy, until recently, when the whole attitude towards the same has undergone a drastic transformation. Some of the major enterprises around the worldRead More