Magnetize beauty – the law of attraction

You are beautiful. Think about the people who know you and tell you that you are? If you believe them why can’t you believe yourself? Maybe you are overweight but worrying about it isn’t going to make you slim. One day you’ll be ready to shed those pounds, until then, feel beautiful.

Maybe the mirror reminds us of our growing lines and wrinkles, but they are just one aspect of our looks. Don’t look at the lines, look into your eyes for therein lies true beauty. Think about what you’ve overcome. So many challenges.                                  But you rode through them like a star.

See stars of triumph shining in your eyes. Love yourself for being you. Feel the beauty and strength in loving you.

You are beautiful. Don’t ever let your mind think otherwise. When it tries to bring you down, tell it ‘I am beautiful and every day I feel more so. I approve of myself just as I am and show love to myself in every way.’

Don’t see your imperfections. Accept that we are all perfectly imperfect. Love yourself for your flaws. Smile at your flaws in the mirror. Watch them dissolve into the universe and what you will see looking back is a beautiful woman. Choose to feel beautiful. Make that your daily choice.

Think of people you love. Are any of them perfect? Sometimes they make you want to pull your hair out but you go on loving them. Think about all the ways you wish you were different then erase them from your mind. You were created as you are. You are unique but for beauty to grow you must see it growing.

Cancel all the negatives. Keep sending out positive messages to the universe – and the law of attraction will do the rest.                              @stellaralfini                      Stella Ralfini Facebook

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