Maternity Leave Canada 18 Months 2017

Maternity Leave Canada 18 months 2017 – Credit goes to Canadians Prime Minster Justin Trudeau, Made Promised while a campaign to Increased The Maternity Leave from 12 Month to 18 months in Canada. Many Parents believed in Justin Trudeau’s Promise & voted for him, are now planning for their leaves.

Maternity Leave Canada 18 Months 2017

Update:23 March 2017:  Federal Budget 2017 released. rejoice parents or going to be parents in canda, now canadian parents may choose between 1 year parental leave or extended 18 Month maternity leave.

Justin Trudeau promised that:

“We will introduce more flexible parental benefits that will:

allow parents to receive benefits in smaller blocks of time over a period of up to 18 months; and make it possible for parents to take a longer leave – up to 18 months when combined with maternity benefit – at a lower benefit level”

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When will 18 months Maternity Leave Start?

Those Who want to apply for Maternity Leave under new Scheme, Hold On, This Change may take time become policy.

Why Maternity Leave For 18 months in  Ontario Canada?

The 18 Month maternity is Leave is Promised because there is very few day care who may take care your dear one well. 20% licensed daycare have sky high price with very few availability. Even when is the spot is available, the day care only allows toddler from 18 months. that is why the new 18 Month Maternity Leave in Canada proposed and promised.

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16 thoughts on “Maternity Leave Canada 18 Months 2017”

  1. I am approaching my 12 months of leave and cannot find day care who will take my son until 18 months, when does this come into effect and would someone like me be included?

  2. I am also currently on mat leave and wondering when/if the increase to 18 months has come into effect, and if I would be eligible to get the extra time!?? Thanks!

  3. I am approaching my 11 months of mattleave too. when does this 18 months paid leave come into effect and would someone like me be included?

  4. My daughter is currently on maternity & she is fast approaching her 12 months as well, we are in bc when will 18 months come into effect & will she be eligible?

  5. Has there been any further announcements on the status of this issue? Mat leave should be 18 month absolutely for many justified reasons.

  6. I am currently on maternity leave . Will I be able to use the 18 months? When does this come into effer? It can’t be soon enough.

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