Maternity Leave Application Form & Policy 2017

Entering in Beautiful phase of life? you certainly deserve leave  to nurture the gods gift. welcome to

The Maternity leave is granted to women only who is going to deliver baby soon.  Human Resources guidelines when it comes to pregnant women differ from organization to company. Check out with the Human Resources team of your firm so as to find out even more about its guideline on maternal leave. A great HR policies should ensure that you obtain maternity together with various other health benefits, including group medical insurance that addresses your entire loved ones.

Maternity Leave Application Form

According to the Maternity Benefits Act 1961, you are actually entitled to 6 weeks of vacation prior to your due date, and 6 full weeks following your child’s delivery. So that you can claim at least 12 weeks or three months maternity leave. If your company’s HR policy is more generous, you might be lucky enough to obtain in fact, 6 months off.

Maternity Leave Application Form Steps

  1. you Should go to your HR person and ask to guide you
  2. Obtain Maternity Leave From or Download it From Internet
  3. Fill the Maternity Form with Great Attention
  4. Make sure you mention From to End Date Clearly
  5. Submit this Form it to HR Department
  6. Get Confirmation of Submission
  7. Once Submitted, Keep Checking Status of your Maternity Application
  8. Get confirmation in Written from HR Department

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