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california maternity leave

California Maternity Leave 2017

California Maternity Leave 2017 – If you are the pregnant California employee then you have great chances to take Paid Maternity Leave in California under the short-term disability laws. Paid Maternity Leave gives a great opportunity to the pregnant employee while they are unable to work. The employees who qualifyRead More

26 Week Maternity Leave In India

26 Week Maternity Leave In India – India newly qualifies with the sixteen countries having long paid maternity leave for a new mother. When IML (India’s Ministry of Labor) announced a new amendments made to the maternity Benefits Act, 1961. Update: 10-March-2017 – 26 Maternity is Official Now. Bill Passed.Read More

Paid maternity leave in Kansas 2017

The word MOTHER can be defined very simply by the line “Engineers of Life”. Motherhood is probably the best gift of God given to all women that take them a step higher from just being a woman to an other a creator of life themselves. So here in this articleRead More

Paid maternity leave in South Carolina 2017

South Carolina (SC) is one of the biggest and the most populated states in the Unites States of America with a population of over 2 million people in it. This means that there will also be many births all-round the year on an average there are 900 births per yearRead More

Paid Maternity Leave in Nevada 2017

Paid Maternity Leave in Nevada – The Nevada  FEP act banns employment practices that discriminate on the basis of gender, which comprises child adoption, pregnancy or any related medical conditions. It covers employers with fifteen or more employees. If an employer allows leave with or without pay, or off withoutRead More

Paid Maternity Leave in North Carolina 2017

Paid Maternity Leave in North Carolina – Several organizations provide short term disability for workers to utilize for maternity leave. By using this, the worker can be paid all or a percentage of her pay while on leave. This can be comes under the FMLA that grants eligible workers ofRead More

Paid Maternity Leave in Nebraska 2017

Paid Maternity Leave in Nebraska – Maternity depart is basically a work go away from an organization earlier than and after shipping of a child. The norm of paid maternity go away is there almost in all international locations in which you would be paid for a sure period ofRead More

paid maternity leave in alaska

Paid Maternity Leave in Alaska 2017

Motherhood is the best gift of God to a woman, as bringing a new-life into this world is a feeling that is simply divine. We all know that it takes 9 long months for a baby to come into this world, the mother cares and carries the baby for suchRead More

Paid Maternity Leave In Florida 2017

florida  Most of the states in all over the world have their own laws offering the pregnant women and the new parent’s rights to get the time off, on the other hand, the Florida state is not with them. Expecting the new parents in the Florida state can still entitledRead More

Paid maternity leave in Rhode Island 2017

Maternity is that time in life that is very crucial and important for both the mother and the new-born baby or someone who is yet to open his or her eyes in the world. This is the time when you need to apply for a Paid maternity leave in RhodeRead More