Paid maternity leave in Arkansas 2017

Paid Maternity Leave In ArkansasIt is very sad to say that there is probably no Paid maternity leave in Arkansas 2017 for the expecting mothers. Although due to the sincere efforts of the FMLA and the AML a lady can get a fixed leave due to her pregnancy without any pay. It is quite shocking to see this as even under developed countries have a good maternity leave benefit for the lady workers. So here in this column we will be describing in detail about the maternity leave laws and how do you get them.

As we have mentioned earlier about the organisations that are the ones helping everyone around the state to get these benefits so you should also not lag behind in knowing how to get a maternity leave in Arkansas 2017.  The first thing that should come into your mind now is you and your Childs health. As your body needs and you unborn child also needs your person time with him or her at least for some days so you obviously have to opt for a leave.

Can you take a Paid Maternity Leave in Arkansas?

The answer to this question was given in the first line of the column as there is no Paid maternity leave in Arkansas but definitely there is unpaid fixed leave for the pregnant women due to FMLAs efforts and it’s still trying its best to get a average pay scheme passed by the law so that expecting mothers do not go totally without any pay. So this makes it clear that no paid leave but an unpaid leave is granted for sure.

The policies for paid maternity leave in Arkansas

It all depends on the registration of your company with the FMLA as only 60 percent of the companies are registered with this organisation so it is mandatory for your organisation also to be registered with them so that you become entitled to get these important benefits. As the common laws of FMLA apply everywhere in the country so here also the two basic rules of more than 16 employees and 50+ employees in the city is required for FMLA to become operational in your organisation.

What are the basic requirements for Paid maternity leave in Arkansas?

1). You need to complete at least 21 weeks of works in 54 weeks that we have in a year. With an average of 9 hours of work every day.

2). small company with only 5 or 6 employees may not be able to give you maternity benefits as it already has less   manpower and less earnings, whereas as per FMLA law there should be minimum of more than 50 employs in your organisation.

How do I apply for a Maternity leave?

This is the main question that actually bought you here to this column. Once you are sure that you are pregnant and want this baby, you just make a copy of all your reports till date and submit it in your company which in turn will send it to the FMLA that approves your maternity leave.


Congratulations in advance for the upcoming guest and we hope this column was informative enough for you. Do remember that a Paid maternity leave in Arkansas 2017 is your right and also your need to keep your baby safe in the final crucial month’s pre and post birth.

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