Paid Maternity Leave in Kentucky 2017

Kentucky paid maternity leave in Kentucky Civil Rights Act has prohibited employment practices based on gender discrimination. It includes pregnancy, medical conditions related to child birth and many more. This act covers a lot of employers with more than eight employees. An employer under paid maternity leave in Kentucky 2017 is entitled to treat employees with pregnancy cases in similar fashion as employees with other disabilities. All employers with temporary disabilities are expected to be treated in similar way as those affected by pregnancy.

According to maternity leave in Kentucky 2017, there is no privilege for private employers to take family leave. When family leave is promised, many employers might have legal obligations for granting it. Paid sick leave is applied for employees who are down with sickness.

What is the number leave in Kentucky 2017 (KY)?

Yes, it is possible to take paid maternity leave in Kentucky 2017. In Kentucky, there is no law which guarantees job protection or benefits to new parents. But according to Pregnancy Discrimination Act and Family Medical Leave Act, new parents and pregnant women are protected. The former makes it illegal to fire employees, refuse to hire them and even deny them promotion. So this law abides the employees to be treated in similar way as all the other employees. An Employee can take up to 6 weeks of leave upon the adoption of a child under the age of 7 Public employers.

The rules and the policies for paid leave in Kentucky 2017 (KY)

Pregnancy Discrimination Act and Family Medical Leave Act allow a lot of private employee’s protection to their job. Family Medical Leave Act has allowed private and public sector employees to take twelve weeks of leave. They are given a leave to take care of their new born or adopted child. If you want to get proper advantage from this act, then you must work for employer with 50 or more employees in a radius of 75 miles.

The basic requirements for maternity leave in Kentucky

To avail a maternity leave, you and your company needs to follow a few rules.

 1). One must complete 4 months as a working employee to the company. You should have executed your   duties freely as person by yourself.

 2). One should understand the interest of the employers while taking actions. There must be at least 50 active employees in a radius of 75 miles from your city.

How do you apply for a maternity leave in Kentucky?

Al, you need to do is submit a copy of your maternity document to your office. The next step is on HR who avails the leave after testifying the document. Family Medical Leave Act will take the necessary actions, there after the leave is taken.

Paid maternity leave in Kentucky 2017 (KY) is a blessing for women who need important time with their and friends. Kentucky’s Department of Labor website provides a lot of information regarding this matter. If anyone in our family is still un-aware of this law, then please direct them to read this article. Happy motherhood blessing from our side, may god bless your child and give them a prosperous life.

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