Paid Maternity Leave in Louisiana 2017

paid maternity leave in LouisianaLouisiana is one of those few states that require preferential treatment for employees who are pregnant. Louisiana Fair Employment Practices (FEP) has permitted employers to take four moths maternity leave on a non-payment scale. For normal pregnancy under paid Maternity leave in Louisiana 2017 (LA), at least 6 weeks of leave is permitted which can be increased up to four months for certain complications. The basic requirement provides pregnancy discrimination for only employers with 25 employees. Leave can be granted for 20 or more weeks within the preceding calendar years.

Louisiana has no law that permits male and female employees to take time off for birth of child. However, under Family Medical Act (FMLA) maternity leave in Louisiana 2017 can be availed.

Can a woman take a Paid Maternity Leave in Louisiana?

Yes, they can under FLMA, rule they are entitled to ask for pregnancy leaves. Though the Louisiana itself has no such laws, but the employers are entitled to avail pregnancy leave to the employees during pregnancy disabilities.

The rules and the policies for paid leave in Louisiana 2017

 1). Employers with 25 or more employees must provide eligible employees adequate time off for pregnancy issues under paid maternity leave in Louisiana 2017(LA).

 2). Employers are entitled to provide a minimum of six weeks leave to the employees and no discrimination must be made based on their gender.

 3). Under FMLA, all the Louisiana employees have been given the right to take time off during pregnancy disabilities and for small necessities. Employees can continue their health insurance policies when on leave. FMLA leaves are unpaid but there is an option which allows employees to receive accrued paid options.

The basic requirements for maternity leave in Louisiana 2017

FMLA manages all the medical policies and executes them with efficiency. A simple basic rule which you and your organization need to follow has been stated below:

 A). You should at least have four months of working experience as a permanent employee for the company and should have executed your duties freely as a person.

 B). One should also take into consideration, the interest of the employers. There must be at least 50 working employers in a radius of 75 miles residing in your state.

How do you apply for a maternity leave?

Family and Medical Leave Act (FLMA) make it sure that your maternity leave is taken care off. First and foremost, what you need to do is submit a copy of the original maternity documents to your office heads. The HR will then avail your leave after scrutinizing your papers.                                                                           

Paid maternity leave in Louisiana 2017 (LA) makes sure that a woman can cherish her best memories with friends and family when they need it the most. If there is anyone among your friends and family who is still un-aware of this law, please ask them to go through this article. There is sufficient information provided in the above passages which will ensure that they know it all. We wish you a prosperous motherhood and let God bless your sweetheart.

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