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Paid maternity leave in Maine 2017

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paid maternity leave in MaineMaine (ME) is a very densely populated state in the United States of America due to its presence near the sea and many other factors. A dense population means lots of birth every day all around the year. This is where the maternity leaves come in for women. So this article is all about Paid maternity leave in Maine 2017 you will find all the information that you need in order to avail these offs and also the details as to how do you avail this right of yours.

Maine is as we said very densely populated state in the US, on an average there are about 1200 births every year in this state only. This means 100 new-borns every month so there should be a good and proper Maternity leave structure in the state for sure. Unfortunately the paid leave structure is neither good nor bad in Maine (ME). So let’s know in detail about it.

Can you avail a Paid maternity leave in Maine?

Yes you can avail a leave but it is not sure if you will be paid for it or not in the state of Maine (ME). The FMLA is the medical act as well an organisation that ensures that at least a leave of 4 and a half months is given to all pregnant woman during the last months of their pregnancy till post birth. This is a time that is medically necessary for both the mother and the child to be together as this is the time when both are practically weak and need rest.

The policies and rules for Paid maternity leave in Maine

There are rules, rules and more rules all over the country in regards to Maternity leaves. As each state has its own rules and regulations about medical benefits and leaves so in Maine (ME) there are its own rules. A maternity leave in Maine 2017 will be given to you if these two basic rules are fulfilled which are there should be more than 50 employs working with you within a range of 75 miles and the second rule is your office should have 16 other workers along with you.

What are basic requirements for Paid maternity leave in Maine?

When we say basic rules here it simply means mandatory rules as well. Well there are three major rules that apply when it comes to availing a Paid maternity leave in ME 2017 and they are,

 1). It is very important for your organisation to be registered with the FMLA as this is that prime organisation that allows these medical leaves.

 2). You must have worked for more than 1250 hours in the year in order to avail a maternity leave. Which when calculated comes 9 hours a day for 139 days.

 3). As we have mentioned earlier 50+ employs in state and 16 + employes  with you in your office.

How do you apply for a Maternity leave in  Maine ?

The process is simple, you just need to Xerox all the original reports of your pregnancy and get them attested by a gynaecologist to makes it authentic then submit it to your HR. Although a woman’s physical features change with the passage of time during pregnancy this is a mandate. Then the leaves follow up.

So this is all that we had to inform you about Paid maternity leave in Maine 2017. These are the basic rules that you have to follow to avail this leave. We wish that you have a safe delivery and have a bouncing baby girl or boy.

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