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Paid maternity leave in South Carolina 2017

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paid maternity leave in South CarolinaSouth Carolina (SC) is one of the biggest and the most populated states in the Unites States of America with a population of over 2 million people in it. This means that there will also be many births all-round the year on an average there are 900 births per year which means over 2 births in a day. Hence paid maternity leave in South Carolina 2017 is mandatory as it is important for both the mother and the upcoming baby.

The FMLA is that particular act that makes sure that these rights of women are granted to them during their maternity. FMLA stands for Family Medical Leave Act which was made for the welfare of the people of America by the law makers of that time. There are certain rules and regulations that need to be followed in order to avail this maternity leave in South Carolina (SC). These leaves are both paid and unpaid depending on the contract that you have with your company and the registrations that it has.

Is taking a paid maternity leave in South Carolina possible?

It is the Federal Law in America that allows the ladies to go on a maternity leave so no one can stop it for sure. After carrying a baby inside you, your body needs rest both pre and post-delivery. When the baby is born it is weak and needs rest and only the mother around him or her because she was their home for the past 9 months and no one will be able to understand the baby better than the mother herself.

What are the rules pertaining to paid maternity leave in South Carolina?

SouthCarolina (SC) is very good to its citizens and has kept maternity laws simple and agreeable too. There are some basic rules like your organisation should have more than 50 employees working all over the city in a radius of around 75 miles. Then comes the rule of your working days where you need to work for a minimum of more than 4 months with regular attendance. Both these rules are somewhat favouring the employer as that is also important to make both ends meet.

Requirements to avail these offs in South Carolina

For a Paid maternity leave in South Carolina 2017 there are some very simple requirements that you need to fulfil and they are listed below for your convenience

    1). A total of 138 working days with total 1250 working hours in the company is mandatory as this is stated by the FMLA

    2). You need to have more than 16 colleagues working with you so that when you are on leave someone else can at least look after your work without hiring anyone else.

How do you apply for a Maternity leave In South Carolina?

The process is simple, give a copy of all your medical documents to your HR who will then send all too the FMLA. Then as per you medical condition and fitness these leaves are granted. These leaves can also be increased in case of any need of medical emergency.


We wish and hope that your delivery goes smooth and you give birth to a bouncing baby boy or girl. We also hope that we were able to give you all the needed information about paid maternity leave in South Carolina 2017.

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