Paid maternity leave in West Virginia 2017

paid maternity leave in West VirginiaWest Virginia (WV) is a state that is known for its people and their talents, this is a growing state in all terms. Sports, athletics, science, arts, commerce and the most important population there are more than 5 million people inhabiting this huge state in the US and the birth rate is of 3 babies per day which comes to more than a thousand births in a year. So this means that there should be a good Paid Maternity Leave in West Virginia 2017, which actually is also one of the plus points of the state.

Not everyone is aware of this rule and right so most of the people actually miss this, so here we are to make sure that you do not miss this opportunity of paid leaves. Here we will be giving you all the important information that you need in order to take these offs. There are some rules and regulations that you need to follow before you apply for this leave to make it a paid one. The FMLA is those particular acts that will be of a lot of help to you as this act ensures that this offs are given to all the ladies who are pregnant. This is for both the child’s and mother’s health.

Can you take a Paid Maternity Leave in West Virginia?

Paid maternity leave in West Virginia 2017 is not possible until you start accumulating all your paid leaves that you get all around the year. So you will be paid for 14 days and if your company allows accumulating paid leaves even from the last year as well then it’s icing on cake, your paid duration will be of 28 days which is equal to a whole month’s salary in West Virginia(WV). So yes you can take a maternity leave for sure but under some terms and conditions mentioned below.

The rules and the policies for Paid leave in West Virginia 2017

Initially there were no rules in regards to Maternity Leaves in West Virginia (WV) as rest of the country but after 1993 when the FMLA or the Family Medical Leave Act .now the pregnant women are getting a fixed maternity leave with either average or no pay, there are different laws in each state as per its requirements but when it comes to medical benefits and leaves the whole country follows only FMLA. You need to complete 4 and a half months of work in a year so that you get this four and a half month leave without any trouble, the registration under medical laws is also mandatory.

The basic requirements for Paid maternity leave in West Virginia (WV)

The FMLA and PDA both are a part of Federal Law as these both are acts that are designed in order to help all the people who need medical help. Pregnancy is a time when you need proper medical attention. So here below are some requirements that have to be fulfilled

 1). 139 days of work with an average of 9 hours of work per day without absence is required by the employee in between 2015-2017 so on and so forth

 2). Your company should be big enough to support 50 + employees in a radius of 75 miles all around your work place or branch office.

How do you apply for a Maternity leave?

This is very simple; you just need to apply for it in a proper way. First approach the Human resources department of your company who will give you some forms to fill. Then once that is done a medical test is done by a doctor who is prescribed by the company. Then the leaves follow as per FMLA guidelines.

So this is all about Paid maternity leave in West Virginia 2017 , which extended for some more months if medically necessary and prescribed by the doctor. Take care of yourself and have a safe delivery.

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