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Rejoice Ericsson Employee, Paid Leave Increased for Maternity & Paternity

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The whole concept of parental leave has acquired a huge popularity in several sectors of industries today. Not much importance was given to the paid parental leave policy, until recently, when the whole attitude towards the same has undergone a drastic transformation. Some of the major enterprises around the world support paid parental leaves for both the new mothers and fathers. There are some companies that don’t hesitate to offer additional benefits to the new parents apart from the paid leave.

Providing extra benefits to the new parents is not a new concept to the western civilization. Ericsson, the Swedish

Few days back, the Indian Parliament has passed a bill regarding the increase in the days of the parental leave. The maternal leave benefit has been extended to 26 weeks, and in respect to it the majority of the companies in the nation is changing their parental leave policies as well. Ericsson India has also extended the paid maternity leave for its female employees to 26 weeks after the birth of the child. The fathers can also now enjoy 10 days of paid leave in comparison to 5 days leave, which was followed previously. But then there are many work places that do not offer 10 days full paid leave right away, hopefully in few years all places will provide it. But then, the concept of 10 days leave is truly amazing as being the father all of us would be extremely thankful for this new law.


The organization exercised such a step influenced by other companies around the globe. Such a measure generates gender diversity, and also creates a more productive work environment, which is beneficial for the company in the long run. The company has revised its parental leave policies and benefits and supports its employees to balance out their responsibilities as new parents, along with their commitments towards the company. With an extension of 26 weeks maternity leaves, couples with double (5 days to 10 days) the paternity leave for the male employees have given the company an edge over others. In fact, the same benefits are offered in case an employee adopts a child, or the child is less a year old.

According to Sammer Khanna, the Vice President and the Head of the Human Resoirce, Region India, Ericsson, “At Ericsson, we always strive to come up with an ambience that can contribute greatly to both the professional and the personal growth and progress of all our employees. By expanding the maternity leave and other benefits, we focus on the comfort of our women employees, so that they feel motivated returning to work after the break.”

It is a fact that women, after giving birth to a child, requires an adequate number of days to recover completely. In fact, the newborn baby also requires the mother, and thus the concept of maternity leave. But, there are very few organizations around the world, and particularly in India, where the concept of paid maternity break is given support from the company’s end. Many women are found to quit their jobs after the delivery of the child, mostly due to the non-availability of a proper maternity break that is required by a mother. Ericsson has taken this huge step in support of their female employees, ensuring that the company cares about them and their newborn babies.

We all are aware of the concept of maternity leaves granted to the female employees. But, how many organizations are there in India that supports or encourages paternity leaves to the fathers. Ericsson India is one of the few organizations that grant paid leave to the fathers of the newborns to take care of their wives and the child. Previously, paid leave was offered for only 5 days. It has been doubled now, where fathers can enjoy 10 days of paternity leave. Hats off to the organization, for thinking so much about their employees, both male and female and also about their newborn babies.

Under the “Blue River Project”, Ericsson is known to commit in creating a more friendly and inclusive work ambience. Under the project, the organization hosts several programs and invites leaders and public speakers from around the world to share their thoughts and opinions with the employees and break their myths regarding gender bias. The “unconscious bias” training is also rendered to the managers from the time to time by the experts to render gender equality within the organization.


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