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4 Ways to Prepare For Maternity Leave If Working as Freelancer

During the time of pregnancy, ladies end up choosing the path of freelancing or working from their home full time. As the days pass, things become difficult for them but with the option of working from home on the flexible hours, things become simple for them to deliver the babyRead More

Paid maternity leave in Idaho 2017

Most of us living in Idaho do not know that a paid maternity leave in Idaho 2017 (ID) is your right not your need. It’s a basic need for every pregnant woman who is expecting a baby soon to get this off. These can be paid or even unpaid leaveRead More

Paid Maternity Leave in Minnesota in 2017

Paid Maternity Leave in Minnesota laws offer the greatest level of job security and partially paid maternity and pregnancy leave of any state in the America. Four laws mixed to serve a working woman in Minnesota around seven months of security: pregnancy disability off, SDI, Family medical leave and paidRead More

Paid Maternity Leave in Hawaii 2017

Paid Maternity Leave in Hawaii – Maternity Benefit Act was introduced with the provision of standardizing the number of maternity leave benefits extended to the women employees working in different types of establishments like factories, mines, plantations that are covered under the act or a   shop or even a firmRead More

Paid Maternity Leave in New Mexico 2017

Paid Maternity Leave in New Mexico opted to elaborate maternity leave under the act ACA , serving coverage for all legal people in NM with household incomes up to one hundred and thirty eight percent of poverty. Complete enrollment in the event has developed by fifty seven percent since theRead More

Mothers who lost their newborns in day care start petition of longer parental leave

Amber Scorah, who lost her newly born baby in day care, wishes to hear more on parental leave from Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. Heartbreaking Story of Scorah and Dodd Last year, Scorah took a maternity leave of three months after birth of her son. Despite the leave policy ofRead More

Paid maternity leave in Oregon 2017

Paid maternity leave in Oregon 2017 (OR) can be easily granted to all the employees. If you are already pregnant or plan to be a mom, then as a working employee of Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA), you can get up to 12 weeks leave. In the other cases, theRead More

Maternity Leave in C-Section – How to Get it

Who doesn’t want to enjoy the blissful time with the newborn baby. Maternity leave policies are exactly meant for the same, but depending on your location and how the baby comes, your number of leave days are influenced. Does this mean you are entitled to expand your leave in caseRead More

Paid maternity leave in West Virginia 2017

West Virginia (WV) is a state that is known for its people and their talents, this is a growing state in all terms. Sports, athletics, science, arts, commerce and the most important population there are more than 5 million people inhabiting this huge state in the US and the birthRead More

Paid Maternity Leave in Michigan 2017

Paid Maternity Leave in Michigan – Planning for maternity leave may not be absolutely what you think or believe, which is if you survive in Michigan. Technically, it is the time a parent takes leave during at the time of work for the adoption or birth of a new baby.Read More