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Want Paid Maternity Leave ? Avoid These 12 States in USA

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In the United States of America, more than 23 percent of newly turned mothers return to their offices within two weeks of their delivery not simply because they want to do that but in the US you will not find any comprehensive policy for paid family leaves. Rather, family laves are defined by individual states and thus vary from one state to the other. As per the recent reports of National Partnership for Women and Families (an advocacy group which promote fairness at workplaces), there seems to be a grim picture being painted about the patchwork of these policies all over the nation.

12 States in USA with No Maternity Leave

Please Refer F in Chart to Identify the States with Very Few Maternity Leave to Offer

These are graded differently in different states as per their family leave policies and around 27 states in the US have scored D or an F. As per the Vice President of the said group (National Partnership), Mr. Vicki Shabo, these states have hardly done anything in giving even the basic protections federal law when it comes to giving the ladies the required leaves, giving away the pregnancy accommodations or simply helping the feeding mothers found at different workplaces.

This report was simply created by employing a point system in order to tally up the states that are known to have the most progressive policies for both the workers found in the state departments or the private companies. The states receive several points for laws, which accommodate the working pregnant women or the nursing women, along with giving them the job protected paid family leaves and flexible sick leaves.

As per experts, not many states are seen doing enough for helping the working parents and offer the support baseline, which the working parents would need. At times when the problems of working families and the way they created an equitable and sustainable economy along with the society are seen reaching at the center and the front.

The same report also suggests that the US is the only economically advanced nations, which fails to assure the maternity leaves to the pregnant ladies both paid and unpaid. If you check the known group called the International Labor Organization, around 180 nations assure paid maternity leaves, while 79 stand for paid paternity leaves.

You can find certain bright spots as well when we find the state of California receiving the highest amount of first of its kind paid family leave law. It helps the people to earn a minimum wage that are paid to them to around 70 percent of their salaries while they are on the leaves.

Hence if a worker who is getting around 108,000 USD on an annual basis, she would get around 60 percent of the said salary during the maternity leaves. Similarly another law found in the books suggests giving away one hour work amount for every 30 working hours to be paid to the pregnant women on leave. However, as per the authors of the said reports were seen adding up that even the state of California has enough room for improvement as there is no law that take care of their job security especially when they are seen going on the necessary leaves.

The city of New York that assures 12 weeks of paid leaves for pregnant ladies, and the District of Columbia wherein the pregnant workers are seen taking up for 16 weeks of leave for two years are seen scoring the second highest rank of A in this regard. However, you can still find some exceptions wherein 12 other states were seen scoring an F that simply means that the lawmakers have not enacted any laws that assure any family or maternal leaves before or after delivering a new child or get a foster or adopt any.

The same reports also suggest that the disparity found in between the white families and people of other colors when one talks about the family or maternity leaves. As per the Federal Family and the Medical Law Act, which is a law, which secures jobs if you find the leave required, only 59 percent of the total workforce and the 56 percent of the women from private companies are getting the cover.

The report simply explains that in the private sector, the workers are seen excluding owing to the FMLA is only applied to the workers in the office of more than 50 people within the 75 mile radius. Even if the workplaces are covered, the women in the job should complete not less than a year for the particular employer or have given 1250 hours for becoming eligible for the same. Also, you can find numerous data showcasing only 25 percent of the women working, only 35 percent of the African American working parents are seen eligible for the same and can easily afford to opt for the leaves as compared to the 43 percent of the white working women.

A number of reports also claim that the strong bipartisan support can be seen in an increasing paid family policy. Also, as per reports, more than 95 percent of the Democrats and 73 percent of Republicans along with 74 percent of the independents are seen voting in the favor of having newer and effective laws pertaining to the paid sick leaves and maternity leaves.

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